Paula Carol
Paula Carol

At this point, we can unequivocally say that Mulan’s Live-Action remake is a formidable movie that might even be better than its Disney original. But can that magic be reproduced again?

The remake of the Disney classic is not, as everyone involved was clear from the start, really a remake at all, but rather a reproduction of Hua Mulan’s original ballad. Although the 1998 animated version is loved by many, the remake plays in another league.

But Disney is more than a sequel fanatic, both for its originals and its most recent remakes. So the news that a Mulan 2 is rumored to be in the works shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Spoilers for ‘Mulan’ below

We emphasize the word “rumored” because, as of yet, there is no confirmation from Disney on such a possibility. However, ‘Mulan’ certainly seems to be preparing a sequel. By the end of the movie, everyone has forgiven their transgressions (you know, pretending to be a man and getting into the military before saving everyone’s life, basically single-handed). The emperor invites her to join his guard, but she refuses and returns home to apologize to her family.

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They also forgive her, and the Emperor’s commander and men arrive at her village to present her with a new sword, before asking her again if she would reconsider the Emperor’s offer to join his imperial guard. The final shot is of her gazing up at the sky as a phoenix flies overhead.

So clearly there is material for a sequel: Mulan’s adventures in the imperial guard. We hope this will reunite her with Chen Honghui (played by Yoson An), whom she promised she would see again and whose romance is very slightly hinted at.

Disney’s animated sequel ‘Mulan II’ begins with Mulan accepting General Shang’s marriage proposal, but as a result, her guardian Mushu fears that she will lose her place when she is accepted into the Shang family. Meanwhile, the Emperor asks Mulan and her fiancé to accompany three princesses to meet their future husbands in a distant territory.

During the course of his dangerous journey through China, Mushu tries to break up the young couple. It was a direct release to VHS and very poorly received. Since we left the first movie with Mulan still very single and without Shang or Mushu as characters, a live-action sequel would have to invent a whole new story. We don’t doubt it’s possible, but we don’t want it to tarnish the things we love the first time.

Nothing has been confirmed, and while rumors say the producers are returning to work, there is no word from the director, Niki Caro, or any of the film’s stars, Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, or Yoson An. , of his return.

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