Marvel Zack Snyder ready to make a superhero movie for Disney

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Zack Snyder is known to have been involved in DC films and more specifically Justice League. Still, he could turn to Marvel to make a new movie.

DC fans can’t wait to see Zack Snyder’s new version of Justice League. Not satisfied with Warner’s methods , the director chose to turn to HBO to restore the image of his film.

So everyone is hoping to see Wonder Woman, Superman, and the other DC heroes reunited for a massive mission soon. Still, Snyder may well be done with DC for good.

He who took care of Man of Steel or Superman Vs. Batman could well draw a line with this universe. Moreover, everything suggests that after Justice League, he will turn to the competition – that is to say Marvel.

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Zack Snyder didn’t like the criticisms of Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films. Indeed, the latter has qualified his version of Justice League as “narrative dead end”, echoes Ecran Large. He therefore intends to join Marvel for a new project.


In the coming months, Disney may well win Zack Snyder. The director wants to bring a Marvel heroine to life and therefore intends to work with the company. A way for him to put an end to the Warner and to have a little more recognition.

The director hinted that he would like to work with Disney. He wants to make a film around the famous heroine Elektra. Moreover, it may well please fans after the arrival of Captain Marvel.

“ I would choose Elektra – The Return. Do you know that Frank Miller comic? It’s a graphic novel about Elektra. Daredevil has dreams about returning Elektra to life there, and it’s really cool and weird… it’s just cool, and beautiful. This is what I would do. Nobody cares, but that’s what I would do. » , He confided.

The public knows Elektra well since Jennifer Garner had tried to slip into the skin of this character. For the moment, this project has not yet been validated by Disney. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Marvel fans would be happy to see a nice version of this character.

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