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Mahi Lakra wins big with her Modeling and YouTube Activities

Mahi Lakra

Modeling is a profession of lights, camera and action with alot of glamor and glitz. It is a profession of people’s dream or you can say its a dream profession. Today is the time of promotions and advertisements with which many companies are indulged. They need good models with good communication skills, pleasing personality and attractive face for promoting their brands and to increase the market for the same. There are many successful models in India who rose to fame instantly.

One of these successful models, Mahi Lakra, a Haryanvi girl is who tasted the success in early twenties in the world of modeling. Mahi Lakra was born in 1996 and has done the Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University. She has come from a middle class family. Her favorite actor is Ranveer Singh and somewhere this big star is responsible for Mahi Lakra to opt modeling as a career. She is a social media person who is always active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. She is not only a successful model but also a youtuber. She started her own YouTube channel in August 2020, created prank videos and rose to fame. She is known for the songs she worked in like Kaali Thar by Tany Kharkhoda, Challan Kat Rha, Jaat Ka Pyar by Amit Dhull, Jhanjhar vs Gun and Feelings. Her new song Feelings with Dillu Taya is spreading like fire.

She is also a fashion model, fitness enthusiast, and dancer. There is also an another face of Mahi Lakra as she has an opinion that everyone has to do their bit for marginalized people of our societies. She does social work and charity-related activities. So with this we can be pretty sure that Mahi Lakra will be there for decades and will continue to entertain her fans.