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‘Legacies: an unexpected’ cameo ‘from’ Vampire Diaries’ in season 3

If there was one episode of Legacies that deserved one of those absolutely thrilling cameo appearances, it was certainly the one aired across the pond last night, ‘Salvatore: The Musical! (3×03), which will also be available on HBO Spain starting today, February 5. Why? Because in it, in a kind of most atypical ‘crossover’, the protagonists of the second ‘spin-off’ of the unforgettable series would get into the skin of some of the also most unforgettable characters, such as Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, and the brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

In the episode, originally scheduled for season 2 of Legacies but with a change in plans after the Covid-19 crisis, the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted celebrated its anniversary through a musical performance recreating its Foundation. Thus, some of the most famous personalities of Mystic Falls were performed on stage, delighting those who remember it so fondly. Josie ( Kaylee Bryant ) was in charge of stepping into the shoes of Elena Gilbert, Kaleb ( Chris Lee ) played Damon, Lizzie ( Jenny Boyd ) her mother, Caroline, and Jed ( Ben Levin ) played Stefan Salvatore.

Best of all, without a doubt, the play included small details and iconic moments from the Vampire Diaries, such as the first time Stefan and Elena saw each other, the dramatic meeting between the Salvatore, the love triangle of Elena, Damon, and Stefan, and the endless catwalk of ‘doppelgangers’ among other details.

Lizzie received a letter from her mother, Caroline, in the episode, which although it did not have the presence of Candice King in person, but with her voice, since the actress was in charge of narrating what she put in her in which is his first official “appearance” in Legacies. In the letter, Caroline explains to Lizzie how adolescence was a disaster for her, too, and that “becoming a vampire wasn’t what changed everything.” “Change is a series of small moments that build on each other, like climbing the side of a mountain, he added, encouraging it to grow little by little.

About the appearance of Candice, the producer of the series has spoken with Brett Matthews, Julie Plec, former ‘showrunner’ of the Vampire Chronicles, who has pointed out that the actress has always maintained that she will appear one day.

“I wanted to go out and live a life without Caroline Forbes for a while. But she’s always said, ‘If you need something small or simple, just let me know.” So I texted her and she said of course, “he adds.

Will we ever see her in person? Or the rest? There is time for it since the CW has just commissioned the fourth season of Legacies.

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