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Home Alone: Focus On Release Date And Real Invention On Story !!

Home Alone

Every Christmas, millions of people flock to streaming services to watch their favourite Christmas movies. One of the first movies the biggest jump on is the internet, but like in previous years none of the Home Alone movies is on Netflix, here’s why.

While the latest movies aren’t held in such high regard, the first two Home Alone movies are considered the best classic Christmas movies of all time. These two stars a young Macauley Culkin who must fend off two criminals who seek to return home while his family is away on vacation.

This year, the first film turns 30. The film is notably owned by 20th Century Fox and, as you may have heard, they were bought out by Disney in 2018. Disney continues to plan the reboot of the franchise, which it wants to do for its entire catalogue. these last years. Chris Columbus, the original director dismisses the reboot as “a waste of time.”

Now let’s take a look at Netflix around the world to see where it streams and if it’s not on Netflix, where you’ll find them streaming instead.

Home AloneWhy aren’t Home Alone movies on Netflix in the US?

As you can imagine, the movie gets incredibly popular over Christmas. In previous years, it depended on who had the most money to pay the license fees or perhaps more importantly, which broadcaster or cable network had the movie licensed at that time of year.
In previous years, vendors like Starz have made the film during the holiday season, but as of 2019, it looks like Home Alone has found a new home.

As of November 12, 2019, Home Alone was on Disney + for the holidays but was deleted in January. However, it has once again been licensed by Disney + and is available for vacationing on this platform.

Home AloneWhere are the Home Alone movies on Netflix?

For the majority of regions around the world, you’ll need a Disney + subscription to stream Home Alone movies for 2020.

In the UK, Disney + did not broadcast Home Alone in 2019 as the service only launched in early 2020. Previously, the film was a permanent fixture on NowTV. Now, just like other regions, you can find the movies on Disney +.

Unlike last year when the first film was available on Netflix in South Korea and the third on Netflix in Germany and Switzerland.

According to Union, the films are available on Netflix in Hong Kong (the first and third at least) but are expected to be removed in late November 2020.

We do have two good news for Netflix subscribers, however.
First, you can watch all the behind-the-scenes footage and the birth story of the first Home Alone movie. The first season of The Movies That Made Us is now available on Netflix worldwide and also covers another Christmas hit, Die Hard (unfortunately not on Netflix either).

The second good news is that the director of the first two films, Chris Columbus, is working with Netflix on a release deal and his two films currently on Netflix are Christmas movies too! The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2 are now on Netflix worldwide.

Would you like Netflix to release Home Alone for 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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