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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4: Suresh vs Anitha Fight Intensifies, Who do you Support? Vote Now!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 completes its fourth day and the fights have erupted already. In the previous seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil were predominantly calm and there was a bonhomie among the new contestants. However, in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, there is a massive disconnect between the different contestants. While some of them are stealing the limelight in the early days, the others like Somashekar, Gabriella and a few others are not to be seen.

Anitha vs Suresh Fight – Who Is Right and Who is Wrong?

The first major fight in the house was between Anitha Sampath and Suresh Chakravarthy. It all started with a friendly mockery of Suresh by Anitha in the form of narrating a news headline. Suresh was offended by it but showed his sportive side and appreciated her. However, Anitha understood that he was upset by her mockery and apologized.

However, Anitha flared up his counter remark about spitting by news readers. While Suresh had somebody else in mind, Anitha twisted the story stating he mocked news readers. The audience already understood that it was not the case.

Even after Suresh agreed for truce, Anitha wanted to continue discussing the issue with others. While Suresh was in no mood for prolonging the issue, Anitha seems to be misinterpreting his attitude as a method of gaining attention. At one point of time, the housemates need to pull her up. Suresh’s attitude of getting provoked easily is being used by Anitha against him. Will Suresh succumb to the pressure?

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