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Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Samyuktha Snubs Meera Mithun While Revealing the Obstacles in Her Journey!


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is off to an interesting start. With no elimination tasks this week, the housemates are taking their own sweet time to bond with the rest of the house. There are a few tussles and moments of joy in the house as things begin to gain steam. As always, the older generation of contestants face the heat and are likely to be eliminated in the first few weeks of the show.

On the 7th of October 2020, the contestants continued to share their obstacles and revealed the struggles they went through before reaching stardom. Samyuktha Karthik is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. Known for her modeling career, entrepreneurial ventures and her social media presence, Samyuktha revealed her struggles as a model. In spite of her long journey and several accomplishments as a model, Samyuktha mentioned that she wouldn’t call herself as a super model.

This was an indirect taunt at Meera Mithun, a contestant from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. Meera Mithun called herself as a ‘supermodel’ throughout her journey in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. However, Samyuktha clarified that she will not use the word ‘super’ which is a way of self crowning her accomplishments. In stead, she would call herself as a senior model.

The contestants understood the dig and applauded for Samyuktha’s statement. It would be interesting to see if Meera Mithun would respond to this.

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