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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 6th October Episode: Shivani Narayanan Mingles with housemates, Aari Arjuna Provokes Her?

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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 begins its journey on a positive note. A very bubbly bunch of contestants were picked for Bigg Boss Tamil 4 which adds to the entertainment factor.

One of the major highlights of the show this season is Shivani Narayanan. Shivani is a bold television actor and social media ‘doll’ with a stellar following on Instagram. Among the list of contestants who entered the Bigg Boss house, Shivani Narayanan and Ramya Pandian were the most sought-after contestants. However, Shivani Narayanan was visibly uncomfortable and calm.

Shivani revealed that she is an introvert and needs her own sweet time to mingle with fellow contestants and make friends. Though it is right for her to be herself, this attitude of hers cost her a lost of ‘heartbreak’ votes during the first task of the season. This task was a fake nomination task for the first elimination of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. Apparently, Kamal Hassan revealed that there will not be any elimination during the first week of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil.

Shivani Nararyanan was terribly disappointed at the number of ‘heartbreaks’ she received. However, the positive sign was she worked on the feedback and reached out to fellow contestants. It was nice to see Shivani having a pleasant conversation with Somashekar and Balaji. However, her conversation with Aari was not something Shivani looked forward. During the first two days, Shivani looked fragile and unsettled. She is vulnerable to provocation. Considering this, Aari’s question, “When you publish a ‘bold’ picture of yours at 4PM everyday, you post it with the aim of becoming what?”.

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The question was quite tricky because Shivani’s Instagram posts attracted positive and negative vibes. Incidentally, Shivani made a tough statement demeaning her trolls and haters before entering the Bigg Boss house. Shivani needs to maintain her calmness and composure under such situations. As the game progresses, the contestants will start using her weaknesses of getting intimidated against her.

On the contrary, Ramya Pandian is making waves with her entertaining touch around the house and she is here to stay. Will Shivani rise to her expectations soon?

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