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Besties Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift about to collaborate for songs? Are They coming with a duet?

Both Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are famous pop stars of this generation. But they are each other’s best friends as well. In the new live stream of Animal Crossing with Gary Whitta, Selena Gomez made an appearance. They chit-chatted, and Selena also revealed a possible collaboration with her best friend, Taylor. Presently she is working on her next album. She disclosed no name or other news for the record. This announcement is just six months after her album ‘Rare.’ Meanwhile, she also said that she and Taylor might be thinking about partnering up for songs.

The plans:

She promoted her new album at Z100’s station. In between talks, Selena got asked if she and Taylor will ever team-up. Though she did not confirm, it got revealed that the best friends might do a song together. But they both have discussed it and are interested in something like that. She explained they would update us on any news when the time is right.

Collaboration plans:

Selena Gomez has collaborated with many artists and will also do so in the future. So she was asked to name some artists she plans collaboration. To this, she said that she had many in mind, but she has always wanted to do one with Taylor. Both of them have wished that since they were friends. And the fact that both are good in music also adds to the event. Adding to this, Selena said that Taylor is a good friend and mostly family. Their friendship is about13 to 14 years old. Both Selena and Taylor have talked about it. When Whitta said that their song plan would be a matter of time, Gomez preferred not to say much about it.

New Album:

Her third album ‘Rare’  came out in January this year. It got widely praised and accepted worldwide. She got asked to tell about the songs in her latest album. While discussing it, she also let out about her current works for new songs. But to this, she said to me that she’s already doing and researching for new albums and music. So she is already far from the thoughts she had for Rare. She said all this without notice and later realized that she probably was not supposed to say anything. Despite all that, she is proud of everyone’s work for Rare.

Taylor and Selena’s friendship:

Selena and Taylor have been friends for about 15 years now. They indeed are best friends in real essence. The meet happened many years ago but mainly got to know each other at the time of dating the Jonas brothers. They both were in a relationship with the Jonas brothers at the same time. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Selena said that they are each other’s support and backbone. The bond they share has a reason behind it, and Selena shared that in the interview.

Before Rare launched, Selena talked about her friendship with Swift, Selena began her career as a Disney star. She grew and took an interest in singing. Her relationship with Bieber had many people talking. But the popstar takes time out of a busy schedule to catch up with her friend. According to her Taylor and she went through problems and struggled at the same time. That strengthed their bond. She claimed that Taylor has been faithful to her and taught her many things.

How they are outside social media:

Though they post a lot of stuff on their social handles, they also spend quality time. They don’t feel pressured to share everything they do on social media. Their friendship has grown over the years. Gomez said that Taylor has always been there during problems with family or personal. At the same time, they don’t agree on everything but respect each other for their opinions and values.

So all in all, both of them have a deep friendship for over ten years. And a collaboration song on support and friends won’t be a surprise.

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