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Nurses in Oregon are demanding Workers’ Compensation! Click to know the pandemic situation, nurses demands and more!

As the whole world suffers from this deadly pandemic that has no definitive cure, yet it is become difficult for all of us to deal with this horrific situation. While most of us are sitting in our homes due to the imposed lockdown, Frontline Workers are risking their lives day and night.

Doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, bankers, cleaning workers, etc. are putting their lives in danger only to assure our safety. The absence of a cure for the disease makes their job more hardened, and there is also the additional burden of soothing the spirits of the patients. For this, the doctors have to hear the patients in person and stay connected to them over the phone and through face time.

The situation of nurses and doctors are the same in every country. The United States, which is regarded as the most developed and powerful nation of the world, was unable to handle the crisis as well.

Portland, Oregon’s biggest city, settles on the Columbia and Willamette brooks in the snow-covered Mount Hood shadow. The situation in Oregon is no different. Medical staff struggle is a common sight these days in the health care center of Oregon. Nurses are the worst hit.

1 in 10 Oregonians tests positive for COVID-19 works in health care. That’s why nurses wish to improve laborers’ income range during the pandemic, as many other states have in response to the health emergency.

As they can’t test each patient, nurses imply everyone is sick. But if a medical staff gets COVID-19, they may strive to prove where they got it. Every day during the pandemic, health care workers like Virginia Smith risk their health and safety for the betterment of Oregon’s citizens.


“It’s just, like, high anxiety. But as long as I have PPE – that’s what we keep telling each other: as long as we have PPE,” Smith said. “Knowing who to test when they come into the hospital has been a challenge.” She even said that it becomes complicated when her companions get unhealthy or assume that they came in virus contact and try to file for workers’ compensation.

“It puts them in sort of an unsupported position where they’re like, ‘Well I’m going to have to make a decision for my family and for myself to make sure that I’m not exposing coworkers and my patients but also take care of my family and pay my bills, ” Smith was heard saying.

Health workers are working for hours and don’t visit their homes to prevent infection in their families. They have shifted into solitary accommodation. Some of them even work for 12-15 hours in the day. This gets worse if they came in contact with the virus or tested positive.

The need is now, Oregon’s Nurse Association Communications Manager Kevin Mealy said.  He further said, “For Oregon’s nurses and other essential workers who cannot stay home, the people we’re relying on to get us through this, we’re asking for a presumption.”

Workers spending day and night in the hospital can catch the infection anytime. It comes to be impossible to know where they got sick. Whether due to community spread or due to a specific patient. The union said the responsibility of evidence shouldn’t fall on nurses and midwives.

“The only thing worse than a nurse becoming a patient is becoming a patient who has no support,” Mealy said.

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