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Cowboy Bepop album to release worldwide! Click to know more about the album, launch date and soundtrack!

The song “Cowboy Bepop” debuted on the music streaming platform, Spotify, and after it’s one week, the soundtrack will be released globally on vinyl this year. 

The music of Shinichiro Watanabe’s cult anime classic Cowboy Bepop will be releasing for the first time outside Japan since the show’s launch. 

In-depth details about the album

The soundtrack has a total of 22 songs, including the famous theme song “Tank.” These are all performed by seatbelts, which is a Japanese band formed by the composer Yoko Kanno, mainly to produce music for the series. 

The cover of this album will be featuring new and exclusive artwork, which is designed by Toshihiro Kawamoto. He is a character designer, as well as an animated director on the acclaimed series. 

The package will be coming in a variety of colors and different ones available at Mondo, Milan Records, Light in the Attic, Newbury comics, and Right stuff. 

Here is the complete tracklist of the Album ” Cowboy Bepop.” 

Side A :

  1. Tank!
  2. Rush
  3. Spokey Dokey 
  4. Bad Dog No Biscuits 
  5. Cat Blues

Side B:

  1. Cosmos 
  2. Space Lion
  3. Waltz For Zizi
  4. Piano Black 
  5. Pot City 

Side C:

  1. Too Good Too Bad 
  2. Car 24 
  3. The Egg And I 
  4. Felt Tip Pen
  5. Rain 
  6. Digging My Potato
  7. Memory 

Side D:

  1. What Planet Is This? 
  2. Diamond 
  3. Mushroom Hunting 
  4. Einstein Groovin 
  5. Pearls 

Cowboy Bepop: Price and Availability

The company has not yet announced the pricing of the album. However, the collection can be pre-ordered for the vinyl set from August 6, 2020, at Milan’s record store. And, it is going to release on November 6, 2020. 

And don’t worry! We will be updating you as soon as we get the information about the pricing. 

Cowboy Bepop: Best anime series 

This anime series was debuted in Japan in the year 1998 and had a total of 26 episodes. However, it became one of the most popular anime series in the world to date. 

The story revolves around a bounty hunter named Spike Spiegal along with his crew, who went on adventures in the outer world. It is mainly known for its Jazzy music by the band “Seatbelts,” including its opening theme, “Tank.” 

Cowboy Bepop is available on Hulu. Also, the streaming platform Netflix is currently producing a live-action adaption of this anime. 

Netflix is producing an adaption of the Cowboy series. 

Recently, Netflix announced that it is producing a live-action adaption of the legendary anime of all time. The series will be having a total of 10 episodes with the running time of 1 hour each. Additionally, the series is jointly created by Netflix and Tomorrow Studios, which is a Production company behind the television series such as Aquarius and Teen Wolf. Apart from this, John Cho will be starring as Spike Spiegel. 

The date of the premiere, not announced yet.  

As soon as we are getting more updates regarding the same, we will be informing you right here. 

So STAY TUNED with us! 

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